We are here to support each individual in their goal of successful employment. The following is a description of staff we employ to support success. 

Program Director
The Program Director is in charge of all programs within Employment Network Team. Responsibilities include supervision of all employees, working with referral and funding sources to support participation, and making sure our services are successful and operate in the best interest of the persons served and other stakeholders. 

Support Coordinator
Assists participants in gaining access to needed programs and State plan services, as well as needed medical, social and educational services. The Support Coordinator will develop an Individualized Service Plan with the participant and their family and other team members designated by the participant. 

Supported Employment Specialist
Employment Specialists are also referred to as a “Job Coach.” Their responsibilities include working with program participants from the time they enter our program until exit. They will assist through completing assessments, individualized plans, provide job development services, and assist with success on the job. They are the program participant’s primary contact person throughout the program and a consistent resource for employment success. 

Job Developer
The job developer’s primary focus is to assist in finding the best match of each individual’s interests, needs, abilities and preferences with a job setting. An Employment Specialist may provide these services.