About Employment Network Team of New Jersey, LLC.

Employment Network Team of New Jersey, LLC. is a community based organization providing support for support coordination and employment. Employment Network Team specializes in serving the residents in the State of New Jersey. Employment Network Team of New Jersey assists individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages with a broad range of services and provides assistance referring individuals to locate employment, state and federal resources within the community, inclusive of medical, social, and educational services. We have employees who are proficient in ASL (American Sign Language); serving the deaf community.  

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower individuals with a disability to make informed choices for his/her life and then consider ideas related to community participation, employment, health and well-being, and lifelong learning. 

Stakeholders and Our Vision

Our stakeholders and our vision for meeting their shared and individual needs are as follows:  

Program Participants
Our vision is the integration of persons with disabilities into competitive employment settings that enable each individual the opportunity to make informed choices in reaching their employment goal, and supports full inclusion into their community. 

Community Employers
Our vision is active partnership with community employers to support opportunities for program participants in meeting their employment goals, and a partnership that results in employers who receive an economic value for participation, and also receive recognition and rewards for investing in their communities through supporting work opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

Our Employees
Our vision is to sustain an employment environment that supports our employee’s professional growth, their satisfaction with their work and work environment, their commitment to supporting persons with disabilities, and their need for financial security. 

Referral/Funding Sources
Our vision is to facilitate communication and the transfer of information with referral and funding sources in a manner that meets their internal requirements, thus supporting the persons we mutually serve. 

Community Resource Personnel and Advocates
Our vision is to sustain cooperative relationships with persons in the community who provide supportive services essential to the well-being of the persons we serve. 

Families and Friends of Program Participants
Our vision is to encourage the involvement of family and friends in providing social support that benefits each program participant’s goal of employment success.